Lane J. Thomas is a capable, conscientious mediator who mediates a wide range of cases.  In mediation, Mr. Thomas strives to make sure the attorneys and clients develop realistic assessments of their positions.  Every case is different and each attorney and each client brings different experiences and expectations to the mediation.  Mr. Thomas is creative and flexible.  He does not offer a “one size fits all” approach.  He is always prepared, persistent, and committed to providing a good environment in which attorneys and their clients can make wise decisions about their litigation and settlement options.  If you are looking for a mediator who is dedicated and creative and will strive to help you reach settlement if at all reasonably possible, contact Lane J. Thomas.

To Schedule a Case:  Please call Lane at (562) 464-0718 or send an email to

Mediation Fees:  The fee for a full day of mediation is $3,000.  A full day consists of nine hours.  One hour covers preparation time and eight hours are allocated to the day of the mediation.  (Additional time on the day of the mediation is billed at the rate of $350 per hour.)

The fee for a four-hour mediation is $1,500.  (Additional time on the day of the mediation is billed at the rate of $350 per hour.)

There are no charges for administrative fees, photocopying, postage, or long-distance telephone. 

Fees must be deposited in advance and may not be refunded if the mediation is cancelled or taken off calendar within 7 days of the scheduled date.